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A Lifestyle Evolution: Alex’s Journey to Better Health

If you’re new to physical fitness, it can be tough to find a good starting point. What exercises are right for your body? How many reps should you do? What’s a reasonable timeline for accomplishing your goals?

Rather than letting all these questions overwhelm him, Alex turned to Sunita, a personal trainer at the Markham YMCA. With the guidance of a trained professional, Alex successfully accomplished his goal of getting healthy enough to play with his kids.

“Before I started training with Sunita, I was leading a very unhealthy lifestyle. I had poor eating habits, and couldn’t stick to a workout schedule. I also suffered from hypertension and high cholesterol. In the fall of 2014, my doctor told me that I needed to make a lifestyle change for the sake of my health, so I decided to hire a personal trainer.

Under Sunita’s guidance, I was able to accomplish my initial goals of losing weight and getting fit: I dropped over twenty pounds and two pant sizes. My doctor is also pleased that my hypertension and high cholesterol have disappeared!

Best of all though, Sunita has taught me what a healthy lifestyle is all about. Now, I’m filled with energy every day, and I’m finally able to play sports and run around with my two kids.

I call it the “Sunita evolution.” Sunita managed to convert me from my former unfit, unhealthy self into a healthy, confident individual. If you’re looking for motivation, inspiration, and real results, don’t be afraid to ask for help!”

Exercise your freedom to choose, and put yourself on the path to better health today. Follow Alex’s lead, and find the fitness routine that will let you enjoy the things you love most.