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On-the-job tips for your summer work experience

By Rheign Morales
This post is part of a series of tips for students seeking summer work and volunteer experience.

Congratulations on your new job!

Now that you’ve been hired, it’s very important to understand the rules, regulations, and behaviours you’ll be expected to follow. After all, you are now representing your new organization or company! Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Punctuality is key
Always arrive on time. If you have to miss a day at work due to an illness or unexpected occurrence, let your supervisor know in advance — and find out how they want you to tell them (phone, email, text, etc.) — so that they know to not expect you and to arrange for someone to cover for you.

Work hard and get your tasks done efficiently and properly
Submit tasks and assignments on time, but also make sure that your work meets the expected criteria. Aside from having your tasks done on time, put the effort into creating content that will impress your supervisor or manager. If you’re being asked to do something you’ve never done before, ask to see an example of past work done well so that you have a guideline to follow.

Be respectful to everyone
Show respect to everyone at your workplace. Positions do not determine the amount of respect you should give towards a person. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

Manage time wisely
Respect your work environment and use your time accordingly. Devices such as cellular phones can be sources of distraction. Steer away from using them for personal reasons so that your concentration is directed towards your work, not anything else.

Stay organized
Keep your workspace neat and clean to avoid misplacing important documents or forgetting to submit tasks you are to complete. Electronic or paper organizational tools like calendars and agendas are useful tools to remind you of outstanding tasks and meetings.

Be self-sufficient, but ask your supervisor for help when needed
As a new employee, you may or may not be accustomed to the working environment. If you are unaware of how things are done in your workplace, do not hesitate to ask co-workers or your supervisor to clarify things for you.

Strive for work-life balance
Aside from work, it is important to have a social life where you spend time with your friends and family. Manage your stress and take care of your body so that you can perform tasks more efficiently while you are at work as well as outside of it.

Get comfortable with the safety regulations and procedures of the company
As an employee, safety regulations protect you from harm while at work. If you are unaware of the procedures and regulations, do not hesitate to request a health and safety orientation conducted by your employer.

Be confident and friendly
Create a support system at your workplace by displaying a positive attitude towards those around you. Introducing yourself to your new colleagues helps build a supportive and social circle at your workplace, which will help you enjoy your time at work — as well as create lasting relationships.

Set realistic expectations for yourself
Whether you set short term or long term goals, each realistic goal that you set is contributing to your development. Show your determination to achieve goals by being actively engaged.