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New classes cure workout boredom

Members pose together in the gym after a group fitness class

Variety is the spice of life, and your workout routine is no different. Changing things up not only keeps exercise fun and interesting; it also guarantees great results. That’s why we start every season with Group Fitness launch parties, where our top instructors teach brand new workout routines for the very first time.

Why you should refresh your routine

There’s some comfort in doing the same, familiar workout week after week. But over time, your body becomes accustomed to all the physical challenges you throw its way. That’s why those 30 minutes on the treadmill may feel grueling at first, but become manageable if you push through them for a few weeks.

Your muscles adapt according to what you tell them you need to do, and they grow stronger and more limber in ways that allow you to perform those movements. If you keep testing your body in the same way forever, you’ll eventually plateau.

How a new Group Fitness class helps

With new moves and new playlists, Group Fitness launch parties are the ultimate cure for workout boredom.

If you’ve taken our classes before, these new classes mean you’ll get a fresh new routine that will keep you on your toes and bump your strength and stamina up to the next level. If you’ve been curious about Group Fitness, now’s the time to give it a try: the moves will be brand new for everyone in the room, making all of us beginners.

And — as if fresh, fun new workouts aren’t incentive enough — we make each launch class feel like a party. We’ll have decorations, refreshments, and freebie giveaways too!

Don’t miss out on the action! Mark your calendar with the release parties happening next week at your local Y:

Toronto Central Grosvenor Street YMCA Centre

Toronto Cooper Koo Family Cherry St YMCA Centre

Mississauga Burnhamthorpe Rd. YMCA Centre

Oshawa Mary Street YMCA Centre

Toronto Sheppard Ave. YMCA Centre

Toronto West End College St. YMCA Centre