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New year, new career — unlock your potential with career planning

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Finding and expressing your true “self” and what motivates you in the workplace can be challenging. If you are feeling lost or confused in your pursuit to discover your passions, live out your potential in the workplace, or make a career transition that brings you more joy in 2017, check out one of the Career Planning programs available through YMCA Career Planning and Development Services.

This program offers a range of personalized assessment and career counselling packages that provide you with insights and strategies to motivate and propel you forward on your career journey. Career Planning will also help you to understand your current situation, work on professional development, and focus on self-confidence and personal growth to tackle new challenges that may arise in the year ahead.

One of our most popular packages is the Signature Career Planning Package. The Signature Package has guided seasoned professionals, recent graduates, retirees, students, and transitioning professionals in understanding and applying themselves more effectively in their professional lives. The package is comprehensive, with aptitude assessments — including Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Planning, and Critical Thinking — that evaluate your strengths in various subject areas, and online assessments to identify your interests, work and leadership styles, and hone in on unique aspects of your personality.

With the Signature Package, you’ll receive a series of reports to help guide your understanding of you, as well as seven sessions with a career counsellor that focus to your personal and professional growth and development.

YMCA Career Planning and Development Services also offers a Career Exploration package, Self-Exploration package, and many more packages to fit your unique situation, needs, aspirations, and motivations. No matter what your career resolution is, we have something for you — and we would be happy to work with you to turn your New Year’s resolution into a life-long reality.

To get started with YMCA Career Planning and Development Services, call (416) 928-3362 ext. 22609 or email