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Winter fun at Cedar Glen

Students standing beside a wood shelter

YMCA Cedar Glen Outdoor Centre is gearing up for an exciting winter. When the cold weather sets in, our 263-acre site transforms to provide a wide range of amazing outdoor education and camp programs for the winter season.

Shelter Building

After learning the essential skills needed, groups put their survival skills to the test by working together on building a livable shelter. The finished structure is then tested against potential cold weather hazards — including the exciting Bear Test! (Don’t worry, we don’t use real bears)


Winter hike in snowSnowshoe hikes throughout the site are led by our Outdoor Education staff. Each excursion begins with fun and hilarious training activities before you strap on your snowshoes and head out onto our trails. Groups on these hikes venture out to fields and trails that may be not be accessible at any other time of the year, learn about our winter wildlife, and take part in a some awesome games, too!

Heat Transfer

In this program, groups seek to understand the nature of heat and how it can be lost or transferred through various processes. Using animal furs and other materials, they investigate the effects of heat loss and heat transfer in a cold weather environment.

Night Hike

Low RopesRe-discover Cedar Glen with a fantastic exploration of the property in the dark! Exposure to the sounds and science of nocturnal animals and some unique quirks of human physiology keeps everyone engaged and interested throughout the hike. And if your group is brave enough, they can try our Courage Walk — a Cedar Glen favourite, in which students are given the opportunity to walk a supervised trail on their own or with a partner in complete darkness!


A perfect way to get out and enjoy the snow! Speeding down the hill behind the Main Lodge with an amazing view of our site has always been loads of fun for everyone.

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