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Why choose a Y Day Camp? Values Beads

With so many summer day camps out there, choosing the one that is right for your child can feel overwhelming. Parents want their kids to have fun and make new friends in a safe environment, but many day camps in Ontario promise these outcomes. How, as a parent, do you sift through the many locations, program descriptions, flashy websites, lengthy brochures, and feel confident you have made the right choice for your family this summer?

At YMCA Day Camps, all programs are planned and supervised by mature, well-trained staff, with a wide variety of programs to meet the interests of your kids. At camp, children are encouraged to try new things, learn new skills, and connect with their peers. Throughout the Greater Toronto Area the YMCA offers 43 day camp locations with extensive busing options and extended hours to make YMCA Day Camps a convenient choice.

On top of providing a safe, fun, and engaging experience for your child, YMCA Day Camps stand out with a focus on character development. Through the YMCA Values Bead program, campers are encouraged to learn about and practice the YMCA core values of respect, responsibility, inclusiveness, caring, honesty, and health. Each value is represented by a different colour bead.

On their first day at camp, each camper is presented with a bead bracelet by their camp counsellor. The bracelet comes with one white YMCA “welcome” bead as well as sparkly beads, which represent friendship and can be traded between campers. Throughout the week, values beads are awarded to individuals who demonstrate a core value, or achieve success in a program area. Once a camper earns all of their values, they are awarded a “Gold Bead of Excellence.” Campers can also earn a silver bead by demonstrating leadership abilities, and other beads for practicing sun safety and philanthropy.  As a form of recognition, beads at camp promote positive behaviour, and are worn as a reminder of what we value as a camp community.

If you are looking for a camp that goes beyond the promise of fun and friendship this summer, YMCA Day camps may be the right choice for you!

You can learn more about our 43 camp locations by accessing our Day Camp Guide or calling our YMCA Contact Centre at (647) 439-6611.