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4 things you need to know to tone up for summer

With summer fast approaching, we’re all looking forward to relaxing poolside, or lounging on the beach. For most of us, that also means thinking about hitting the gym. But after hibernating through the cold winter, it can be tough to find the motivation you need to get a good workout.

One of the best ways to shake off the winter blues and put yourself on the right track for a healthy, active summer is to join a small group training session. Here are just four of the perks you’ll enjoy by working out with a few like-minded others:  

  1. Personalized guidance 

    With only a handful of participants to watch and give feedback to, your coach or instructor is able to keep a closer eye on you. That means you’ll get the pointers you need to refine your technique. 
  2. Variety 

    Each workout is developed by a trained professional whose job it is to keep your routines fresh and exciting. With so much variety to keep you on your toes, you’ll never feel like you’ve hit a rut.
  3. Progress you can see 

    As you push yourself further each week, your trainer will adjust your workouts accordingly. Your exercises will evolve and progress as you do, meaning you’ll never feel like you’ve plateaued.
  4. A team of motivators 

    Instead of sweating it out on your own, training with a small group allows you to make connections with like-minded individuals who are working toward similar goals. Knowing they’re waiting for you will hold you accountable to your routine, and working out together will inspire you to push yourself that much further.

Make summer 2016 your healthiest yet! The sooner you start your new workout routine, the more energized you’ll feel when those warm months come around. Check out our small group training options or watch some tutorials here.