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7 things you can do with our $1,000 contest grand prize

Two members Sweat For Good

Today we’re launching our new Sweat For Good contest, with a sweet grand prize: two lucky winners will each be awarded a $1000 YMCA gift card! A thousand dollars goes a long way with us, so read on to hear about just a few of the things our Sweat For Good champs can treat themselves to.

Already convinced to enter? Visit our contest webpage to see all the easy, FREE ways you can get your name in the hat.

With a $1000 YMCA gift card, you could get:

1. 16 sessions with your very own personal trainer.
That means you could have an exercise expert in your corner, pushing you to reach your goals, once a week for four months — for free!

2. A YMCA membership for over one year.
Get all your favourite programs and amenities — including swimming, yoga, CycleFit, bootcamp, Pilates, drop-in sports & rec, conditioning room and track access, and so much more — completely free of charge.

3. Your Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid with CPR-C, National Lifeguard and YMCA Swim Instructor certifications!
Now’s the time to pursue those courses with the potential to set your career on a whole new trajectory — at no cost.

4. 5 years of FREE swimming lessons for your child.
Swimming is a fundamental life skill every kid needs. Yours can tackle the basics of aquatics — not to mention build confidence and make new friends — at no charge.

5. 235 hours of FREE child minding.
Let our carefully trained staff and volunteers take care of your kids while you take care of yourself!

6. Your YMCA Personal Training Certification
You’ll learn how to offer high-quality fitness coaching and guidance to your clients, and walk away qualified to work as a personal trainer.

7. 1 year of Small Group Training
Want personalized fitness guidance, but love the energy of group classes? Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds! Join a small group training session once a week to get more time and customized attention from your instructor while still feeding off the energy of your classmates.

With a $1000 YMCA gift card in your pocket, the possibilities are endless. The best part? Entering the Sweat For Good contest is easy, FREE, and you can get a bunch of entries in just a few minutes. Stack the odds in your favour by checking out our contest page and racking up some entries now!

Disclaimers: The rates stated above are based on our current rates for: Monthly personal training memberships, valued at $199.99 plus tax per four sessions in one month, for a minimum of two months. An Adult General membership at the Central YMCA, valued at $65.54/month including tax, and an additional join fee of $96.05. Gift cards cannot be applied to Assisted Memberships. Each certification for YMCA members, which are priced as follows: National Lifeguard: $250 for members YMCA Swim Instructor: $215 for the course, $50 for the examination Bronze Medallion: $175 for members Bronze Cross: $155 for members Standard First Aid with CPR-C: $110 for members Rates for certifications vary per centre, and for members and non-members Children’s Registered Programs at the Central YMCA, valued at $16/month/program/child. Valid YMCA membership needed to enrol in Children’s Registered Programs. Child minding at the Central YMCA, valued at $4.25/hour/child. Personal Training Certification course offered at the Central YMCA, valued at $536.75 for YMCA members. Small Group Training at the Cooper Koo YMCA, valued at $79.99 for four sessions. Gift cards cannot be applied to vending machine and café/food purchases.