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How educational planning can put you on the path to success

Person in graduation robe smiling and looking up

Choosing a post-secondary program is a big decision. While some may know exactly what program to pursue, it can be overwhelming for others. There are many factors to consider, including whether your chosen field of study interests you, is suited to your strengths and personality, and will prepare you for the world of work upon graduation. Likewise, it can be difficult to transition into a new field of study once already in school, or to pursue further studies after a long hiatus.

Educational planning is a great way to help alleviate these difficulties, and highlight your interests, values, skills, personal preferences, work style, and aptitudes. Exploring these areas will provide you with more direction and understanding of who you are, and propel you towards your chosen career path and long-term goals. Additionally, educational planning can save you time and money in the long run, and prevent you from feeling stuck or unhappy at school and at work.

If you are intent on going to school, but are unsure of what program to pursue or where to begin, the YMCA’s Career Planning and Development Services is a good place to begin exploring and planning your education. We have helped people for over 70 years to better understand themselves, and to find a suitable and meaningful career.  Whether it is your first time pursuing post-secondary education, or you are returning to school after some time, the Y’s Career Planning packages are customized to offer you with insight into your vocational interests, while also providing you with an awareness of your personality, aptitudes, strengths, and developmental areas for further personal growth.

Our popular Signature Package includes aptitudes assessments, personality inventories, career interest surveys, and 7.5 hours of one-on-one counselling sessions. A combination of assessments is useful in understanding just how complex the interactions and relations between your interests, aptitudes, and personality, really are — all of which is useful in educational planning. Additional packages include the Career Exploration Package, which is an in-depth focus on vocational and educational interests, and the Self-Exploration Package, which explores personality more sharply. While the assessment results offer a great deal of initial insight, our career counsellors provide you with further coaching, confidence, and assurance, to pursue the right educational path — and ultimately, the best career for you.

These are programs that get results. “My career turned out well after your program,” says Allen, one of our clients. “I started out at UofT in Astrophysics.  I quit after two months and was completely lost.  Your counselling program instructed me to go into Engineering at Ryerson.  I did and rest is history — just coming up on 30 years with Bombardier Aerospace.”

To get started with YMCA Career Planning and Development Services, call (416) 928-3362 ext. 22609 or email