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What we are looking for in our YMCA Day Camp candidates

What makes a great YMCA Day Camp staff member? It’s something our team has been thinking about a lot as we work to recruit an amazing team for summer 2017.

While an applicant’s resume and cover letter usually give us a good understanding of their experience and qualifications, the interview process is the time we get to understand more about what candidates learned in other roles that have prepared them to join the Y Day Camp team.

For us, there are three key things an applicant can demonstrate in addition to their related experience that will often make us smile and think “Yes, they would make a great addition to our team!”

  1. You know yourself

We do not expect to hire 850+ “perfect” human beings this summer. We are all constantly learning and growing and that is part of the experience. One of the main reasons we see so much development within our campers AND staff at YMCA Day Camp is that we strive to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to challenge themselves.

That being said, we want our candidates to come to us being able to demonstrate and speak to what they have learned in other roles and other facets of their lives that has given them the confidence to step into the role they are applying for.

Furthermore, we want our candidates to share with us what they are still working on, and how they could be supported to really excel in this new position.

  1. You know us

Getting to know a little about YMCA Day Camps and the YMCA as an organization before applying for a position shows us that you have carefully considered the opportunity and have a good sense that it aligns well against your interests, skills and background.

We do not expect you to know everything about the YMCA and our camp programs, but demonstrating that you believe in our values and our program goals, shows us you are invested.

  1. You care about others’ success

At YMCA Day Camp, teamwork is the key to success. We are always looking for people that understand teamwork fosters a more efficient, fun, and positive environment, and that by creating a supportive work environment we are setting up everyone for success in their roles – and this means providing a positive overall experience for our campers.

What was the best work environment you have worked in, and why was it so great? It probably had to something to do with the people you worked with and the great learning opportunities and experiences you had. We look forward to learning about your skills and experiences and how you would apply them at YMCA Summer Day Camps!

Apply today for an opportunity to develop, learn and be part of a positive and supportive team environment! We’re currently hiring our Day Camp Directors  positions across the GTA. To learn more about our Director positions, check out our interview with Kate.