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Y you should volunteer at the YMCA

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Today is International Volunteer Day — and at the YMCA of Greater Toronto, it’s a day of celebration. With five different program areas and over 350 sites across the Greater Toronto area, the Y has volunteer opportunities to fit everyone’s needs. Last year, 5,859 volunteers dedicated their time to strengthen their communities by volunteering at the YMCA of Greater Toronto.

No matter what your reason for wanting to volunteer — whether to help build your skills, give back to the community, make new connections, or make great use of spare time — here are some reasons why the Y is a great place to fulfill your volunteering needs:

  • The Y has a broad range of programs. There is a wide variety of volunteer roles available in our many programs and services. Right now, the Y has 158 volunteer positions within health and fitness, employment and immigrant services, child care, camping and outdoor education, and program strategy and support. Whether you need experience working with children for your ECE diploma, or want to fulfill your lifelong dream of teaching CycleFit classes like me, we have you covered. The great thing about the Y is that you get to pick the role to suit YOUR needs.
  • You aren’t confined to one role. If you like change, the Y makes it easy for you to transfer to a new volunteer role. Even better, if you want to stay at your current role and take on a new role at the same time, you can do that too! Many of our volunteers hold multiple roles at multiple sites, which is great for those who want to gain a broad range of skills in a number of areas.
  • We are a large, reputable organization. The YMCA of Greater Toronto is the largest Y district in North America, and has had a vast impact on the lives of thousands across the GTA. If you are looking to gain experience through volunteering, the Y is a great place to start. And if you are interested in giving back to the community, volunteering at the Y is perfect because your work will help have a larger impact on the GTA community.
  • You will meet some amazing people. Beyond all, one of the best parts about volunteering at the Y is all the people you will encounter. Whether they are members, clients, or staff, the stories and life experiences you will hear will have an impact on your life. The Y isn’t just a service organization; it’s a community where you can build strong bonds that will last a lifetime.

To all of our volunteers, past, present, and future, happy International Volunteer Day, and thanks for all you do for our Y community!