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Camp Director Series, Part 2: What are we looking for in YMCA Camp Director?

One of the most impactful and integral roles within our Day Camp teams is the Camp Director role. Over the next month we will hire 50 Day Camp Directors that will provide leadership to our Day Camps locations that we will operate in Summer 2017.

When hiring for these Camp Director roles, in addition to the variety of skills and experience outlined in our job postings, we are also looking for three key characteristics in our potential candidates:


People often think of Camp Directors as loud, enthusiastic, and excitable. While that’s true of many of our Camp Directors, it’s not always the case. What links all Camp Directors, above all, is passion. Take Kate, for example: she has a quieter demeanor, but is very passionate about creating positive spaces where staff and campers can be themselves and grow as individuals.


Being a dedicated Camp Director means a lot more than simply coming into work every day for the 43 days of summer (although that is important too!). We are looking for Directors dedicated to getting to know their staff and campers, having fun with them, and bringing out the best in everyone. It is very easy in this role to get distracted by paperwork (which is important!), but at the end of the day, it is the relationships and the fun spirit of Camp that makes it special.


Being a Camp Director is a big job. Actually, it’s a HUGE job. A successful Camp Director needs to be able to prioritize tasks, delegate effectively, and provide leadership to what is essentially a small community, to ensure that everyone feels supported and safe, and that all the program’s goals and objectives are being met.

What will you get in return after a summer of being a Camp Director? There are a ton of skills you will gain from being a Camp Director that will transfer to other aspects of your life, and we can guarantee at the end of the summer you will have a huge sense of accomplishment and memories that will make you smile for years to come.

See our Camp Director job posting and how to apply here.

Plus, to hear first-hand about what this job is like, check out our interview with Kate, who has worked in Y Day Camps since 2010 and just completed her second summer as a Camp Director.