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Take Our Kids to Work day provides meaningful experiences for youth

On Wednesday November 2, 2016, the YMCA of Greater Toronto opened its doors to welcome many students for Take Our Kids to Work day — a program developed by The Learning Partnership. This important initiative was designed to provide Grade 9 students with meaningful learning experiences and help them explore different career opportunities.

On this special day, our visitors (along with their parents, older siblings and mentors) came to the Y and got to dive right into the world of work. “My daughter really enjoyed coming with me,” says Rameen, a parent of one of the participating students. “She thinks I have the most fun job in the world!”

The mentors were just as excited as the students about the day. Miranda, an older sister of one of the participating, students says:

“It will be a great experience for my brother to actively use the skills he learns throughout the day as I hope that he will be able to use them in the future. One thing I want him to experience is the feeling of being included as a respected contributor to the team.”

The day included job shadowing and different activities to provide a rounded experience where learning and fun came together. Our volunteers and staff also generously gave their time and shared their passion for what they do. Rowena, a YMCA staff whose daughter took part, had an important goal in mind for the day. “I wanted her to know about the values, mission, and vision of our organization,” she says.

The students even experienced some of the work first-hand and gained an appreciation for and understanding of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform various jobs. “I think my dad’s role at the Y requires critical thinking,” says Dan, a Grade 9 student who took part in the event. “One thing that I learned about my parent’s role at the YMCA is that she treats all children equal and kind, as if they were her own”, says Jahshawne, another participating student.

The day showcased what goes on here at the YMCA, and participants left with a clear picture of the roles and responsibilities of their parents, relatives, or other adults working at the Y.  Thank you to all the mentors who helped our future professionals discover their own career possibilities and a big thanks to all the students who so enthusiastically participated in the day’s events.