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Recognizing two of our many fantastic YMCA volunteer coordinators

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Behind every great volunteer is a volunteer coordinator who diligently works to ensure their volunteers get the most out of their volunteer experience. Today is International Volunteer Manager’s Day, so we’re celebrating YMCA volunteer coordinators who have helped mentor volunteers far and wide, and will forever leave a lasting impact on the lives of volunteers. Here are two of many great examples:

Yvonne Cohen
Membership, Sales, and Services Agent & Volunteer Coordinator
Brampton Union St. YMCA

img_3396Alongside her busy full-time role as a membership sales and service agent at Brampton Union St. YMCA, Yvonne has been working in volunteer coordination since 2003. Even though volunteer coordination is a big commitment, Yvonne feels rewarded in knowing that her volunteers can come to her for advice about how to further their volunteer experience at the YMCA. Yvonne sees volunteering as not only a great opportunity to give back to the community, but a way to help people strengthen communication skills and gain valuable experience to put on the resume — especially for youth who have yet to be exposed to any work experience (whether paid or not). As Yvonne continues her role as volunteer coordinator, she will continue to work on new ways to enhance her volunteers’ experience.

Wesley Banks
Employment Resources Consultant at Scarborough Milner Business Court YMCA
Volunteer Coordinator for Scarborough Milner HUB

Wesley, sitting and smiling for the cameraAs the employment resources consultant at Scarborough Milner Business Court YMCA, Wesley is the go-to guy for any assistance needed with job applications, interview prep, and even basic computer skills. Alongside his role in the Resource Centre, Wesley is the long-time volunteer coordinator for the Scarborough Milner HUB, which includes three different employment program sites in the Scarborough region. A former social service worker placement student at the Scarborough Milner YMCA, Wesley makes it his mission to ensure that all his volunteers (many of whom are students) have as great as a placement experience as he did when he was in their shoes. Wesley ensures that each volunteer learns the skills they need, and is always willing to provide a reference. Wesley understands that people volunteer for many reasons, and that all have special skills that they can bring to the volunteer role. For Wesley, the most rewarding part of being a volunteer coordinator is the mentorship aspect and being able to see volunteers grow and learn.

Thank you to Wesley and Yvonne for taking the time to share your experiences as volunteer coordinators. We appreciate all the work you, and our other 80 volunteer coordinators, do for our YMCA volunteers!