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Why our YMCA Family gives back

YMCA Family Campaign

Working and volunteering at the YMCA of Greater Toronto means more than just having a position, or a set of tasks to complete. Our “YMCA Family” works as a team to fulfill the Y’s unique and powerful mission, vision, and values — and one way we do this is by giving back to the association.

Today marks the kickoff of our annual staff and volunteer fundraising campaign, YMCA Family Gives. Every year, over 1,000 YMCA staff members donate close to $200,000 to support the work of their colleagues in building healthier, more connected communities.

Why do we do it? Here are just a handful of our many sources of inspiration:

Sarah, Job Skills Counsellor:
“The YMCA is not just a job to me; it’s a way to make a difference. At the YMCA we are inclusive of everyone, and financial barriers are a reality for many members. Donating to the YMCA is really important because we can assist these members in accessing services, which allows us to be available to the community. When I donate to the YMCA Family Gives campaign, the biggest impact on me is feeling like I am part of the Y family, and that we are working together towards a goal of building positive, safe, and resilient communities.”

Staff member Alex

Alex, Membership Sales & Services Representative:

Without the Y, my life would have been really different, and I am thankful every day for what the Y has given me. I’ve seen so much growth at the Y and it’s not only me, it’s everyone! Whatever it is you are dealing with in your life, the Y will have a solution. It gives members of our communities access to our programs and most importantly, it puts a smile on their faces. This is why every year, I donate to the Y as a “thank you.”

Sholeh, Senior Child Care Director:
“Together, we can make our community strong. There times in our lives that a little help can make a huge difference in somebody’s life. Our donations to the YMCA Family Gives campaign give our organization the ability to offer families our services when they need it the most. In my 23 years working with the Y, I have numerous moments that showed me how we, the YMCA, brought happiness and hope to our members and families lives.”

Staff Member Kimber KunimotoKimber, Youth Leadership Program Team Lead:
“Donating to the Y means that children and youth are given equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from our programs, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds. Supporting the YMCA through a donation contributes to our communities and will ensure we have healthier and happier adults in the future.”