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Why you should work out in the water

The pool at the Cooper Koo YMCA, overlooked by the conditioning room

Most people associate swimming with the summer, but there’s no reason to give up this fantastic combo of cardio and strengthening during the chilly winter months. Here are 5 reasons why you should keep working out in the water:

1. You choose the level of intensity that fits your needs: stretch leisurely for a relaxing experience, or try faster laps for a total body workout.

2. Swimming is just as much of a cardio workout as running — just without the high impact. That means it’s easier on your joints, reducing your chances of injury.

3. Water provides 12 times as much resistance as air, so you can build strong, lean muscles more effectively and efficiently.

4. You can swim solo for some peace and quiet, or meet new people by joining a class or team.

5. You get to avoid the sweatiness of a jog, bike ride, or other cardio routine, and leave your workout feeling cool and refreshed.

Ready to dive in? The pool at your local Y is waiting for you! Check out our schedules to see when you can swim laps, take an Aquafit class, or splash around with the kids during rec swim.